Prarie Life exhibits invite you to walk through early settler's daily life in a rustic cabin to the later splendor of ornate and elegant homes and businesses. The Main Waiting Room of the Santa Fe Depot Museum houses artifacts, furniture and photographs that tell several stories: learning in the one-room schoolhouse, daily household chores in the farmhouse kitchen; entertaining guests with piano and phopngraph in the parlor; medical care in the doctor's office and surgery room, shopping for the latest in style at the general store, visiting the newspaper office. The fully furnished Beard Cabin is an experience in early cabin life. The Beard Cabin was the first building built in Shawnee after the land run of September 22, 1891. The two-story cabin was built in 1891 by Etta Ray Beard, her father, future brother-in-law John Beard and future sister-in-law Lola Beard, near the southeast corner of Highland Street and Kickapoo Street, the west line of the 1891 land run. Etta Ray married Henry Beard in November of the same year and they lived in the cabin until they built another house next to the cabin. Museum visitors can tour the fully furnished cabin and experience the challenges of daily life for participants of the Oklahoma land runs.

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